Here some very beautiful and impressive comments
written in our Guestbook from our international vistors...

Listening to the organ music was like touching the robe of Christ.
At seventy years I did not think much could move this old soul. I had tears in my eyes
as it was beautiful beyond words. I do not read nor play music but will do so here in the future.
More of our young people should be exposed to this as it would be a better world.
Thank you so much!
Guestbook entry of Paul G. Renquin Sr. from the USA on July 7, 2004

I am Chinese.
Although I am not a musician, but I really enjoy organ music.
Organ music is of great majesty !  It is full of holiness, mystery, even magic charm !
I hope your site will become more and more successful. And serve the people
who are fond of organ music and who are from all over the world !
Guestbook entry of John from Christian Liu on January 24, 2004

Organ music goes straight to the Heart !
Guestbook entry from Lazarus on December 8, 2003

Heavenly music, played by devine musicians !
Guestbook entry of John from Australia on October 10, 2003

Bach's great music is transporting me to another, better place.
Guestbook entry of Leo La Placa from the USA on July 27, 2003

When I heard the Toccata and Fugue in D minor
I finally realized why Bach put on all of his works "to the glory of god" !
Guestbook entry of John Mark Frederick on November 4, 2001

What a wonderful site !
The pictures are incredible and the music is absolutely beautiful !
Thank you and may God bless you.
Guestbook entry of Melanie Griffith on November 1, 2001

Heart felt thanks for sharing mighty works of the Great Master.
Also Greetings from Canada. I appreciate your kindness
in making this great gift of music available for all of us out here.
There is no glory in war, but there is great glory
in harmonies that touch the soul.
Guestbook entry of Allan Tetzlaff on October 18, 2001

God bless you. Bach has more Megabytes on any series of music
than Bill Gates can produce MS software CD volumes.
Continue the work of dedication. My mind will be charged by you.
Dankeschön !
Guestbook entry of Rainer on March 10, 2000